Travels on the railway to Financial security

A week since my last post an Orange Engine sits outside the Mendota Illinois Station a leader without followers?

August 15th dinner in the dinning car [very good food] with John, David friends from my car joining us is a Professor from a new college in Southern Cal. The college built on a former military base, a super fund site. A progressive school where you can get an education and a chemical lobotomy a great two for one sale. What a deal! The conversation is spirited, humorous, sarcasm rules and laughter reigns. I find it interesting how obvious the social and economic collapse seems, yet we all ignore it. Not just the four of us but most people I meet along the rails and beyond.
Now a month and a half later it’s raining golden parachutes $700 billion served, ” I see lots of funny men some will rob you with a six gun and some with a fountain pen.” {“The Ballard of Pretty Boy Floyd” Woody Guthrie 1939 }

At the top of the food chain the Gods of Possesionville
Shower us below with CREDIT!
You must have! You must have!
Without it you’re not a man. Not worthy.
You must have Credit, Debt, Distraction!
The Gods of Possesionville bring you WAR
[defend your right to waste]
[more large portions, throw it away]
[I have a call on my cell phone]
[yes I’ll pick up the lobster,go to the drive thru ATM]
Wash it all down with Lite Beer!
Smoke and Mirrors we see our freedom on
And somewhere suffocating under a mountain
of paperwork, re-financed, debt consolidated,
over budget, new and improved, high tech, upgrades,
Is your soul, free creative thought, freedom of choice.
I know I am free I saw it on TV!

9/29/04 revision/upgraded 10/1/08 Peter J. Crowley


  1. Cestandrea says

    I discover the expression “golden parachutes”, very appropriate, we have those here too. Yesterday someone said: “this will all change now”… I am not sure. But if it doesn’t, the Woody Guthrie Vision will come (again) true, that is my fear.
    Then, wise men and women say that change must begin within us. Which would be trying to live debt-free? I think so. At least those who could.But then, others say that economy cannot work if there are no debts. Do “healthy” debts exist?

    Love your picture of the orange engine waiting it’s followers, and your words.

  2. Cestandrea says

    PS: the picture of the fishermen’s trust with the sign: for sale.. Is it the building or the building and the trust? How can something like that be for sale? Oh I feel ignorant.

  3. Peter J. Crowley says

    The Fisherman’s Trust photo is from New Bedford Massachusetts once a big fishing port, still is but Corp. Fishing and Regulations have driven most of the small boats out of business. I am not sure if the Trust was for sale but if they were selling the building that gives you some idea of the strength of the organization. The mortgage on the Soul of Small Business is overdue and there is no bailout! enjoy pjc

  4. Cestandrea says

    Thanks Peter, for your explanations and your last sentence sounds so prophetical.
    Have a good weekend


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