Travels on the railway to Financial security

by Peter J. Crowley on October 1, 2008

A week since my last post an Orange Engine sits outside the Mendota Illinois Station a leader without followers?

August 15th dinner in the dinning car [very good food] with John, David friends from my car joining us is a Professor from a new college in Southern Cal. The college built on a former military base, a super fund site. A progressive school where you can get an education and a chemical lobotomy a great two for one sale. What a deal! The conversation is spirited, humorous, sarcasm rules and laughter reigns. I find it interesting how obvious the social and economic collapse seems, yet we all ignore it. Not just the four of us but most people I meet along the rails and beyond.
Now a month and a half later it’s raining golden parachutes $700 billion served, ” I see lots of funny men some will rob you with a six gun and some with a fountain pen.” {“The Ballard of Pretty Boy Floyd” Woody Guthrie 1939 }

At the top of the food chain the Gods of Possesionville
Shower us below with CREDIT!
You must have! You must have!
Without it you’re not a man. Not worthy.
You must have Credit, Debt, Distraction!
The Gods of Possesionville bring you WAR
[defend your right to waste]
[more large portions, throw it away]
[I have a call on my cell phone]
[yes I’ll pick up the lobster,go to the drive thru ATM]
Wash it all down with Lite Beer!
Smoke and Mirrors we see our freedom on
And somewhere suffocating under a mountain
of paperwork, re-financed, debt consolidated,
over budget, new and improved, high tech, upgrades,
Is your soul, free creative thought, freedom of choice.
I know I am free I saw it on TV!

9/29/04 revision/upgraded 10/1/08 Peter J. Crowley

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