Struggling to Make it Through Feb. Doldrums Spring Please!

by Peter J. Crowley on February 23, 2015 · 4 comments

So when will spring come? It has been a very unusual winter but I will make it till spring when the nighttime lows get back up above 42 degrees.  In February you have to look harder to see the Light at the end of the tunnel. Here are a few images of winter here in Olympia Feb 12th -22th                               enjoy pjc

_DSC0045 Flowering Tree 2-21-15

_DSC0080 2-22-15 Tree Flower

_DSC0087 Crocus 2-22-15

_DSC0309 Crocuses 2-12-15

Makes you shiver just to look at photos of Winter. LOL miss my friends in New England but the winter? Not so much                            enjoy pjc

Photographic Art  Winters Past Silver Gelatin IR

Color transparency, slide film, reversal film. Names for the premier color film. Fuji, Agfa, Kodak. The king “Kodachrome” rich saturated color. Have a roll of Velvia in one of my cameras now.

A couple mornings ago it was the mid 70s and I awoke to American Beauty. Jerry singing Ripple, “let there be songs to fill the air” coffee is on Tom and I sing along, Kirsten rubbing her eyes and getting ready to run. Some home made toast and Jam. Badminton, beer and pot. Westford  Vt. moments that lasted forever etched into my soul. The cast in this 65 YO calendar has changed but Kirsten and I remain  “Listen to the River Sing Sweet Songs to Rock My Soul” and the others are warm memories to visit often.


Digital the present, a new muse. The medium doesn’t identify or obstruct the creation. It is not about what your technology can’t do it is about making your technology do what you want. 



The future a dream we race towards not sure if we arrive or just continue to race forward. Here the future is 7 months away. Birth, youth and the road to the future has a new traveler. Thirty year old Nikon Tri X warm tone Silver Gelatin Print my preferred road to all points.


Days, daze meander by as creativity visits from present and past. Memories of days in Willi wandering around the hill with Hugh shooting publicity photos as Hugh works on a new political song “Bills Dick” 1996 or so. I shoot a few we walk Hugh tries different verses we laugh. Let’s go to the carnival in Willi a carnival without rain very strange.

Much of my listening is to friends words and music. Hugh, Rex and Neil, Mike Bloomer, Jon Ball and the Exchange                                               enjoy pjc


Photographic Art


The Speed of Life

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_DSC0001 Darbys LegginsAbstract 1-28-15 1-28-15 Darby’s on 5th downtown Great food fun creative folks. A new series take a first step from the mind to the shutter. New ideas a plenty. 

_DSC0299-Burial Grounds Willis 2-11-15February 11th 2015 outside of Burial Grounds a bag of Dark Knight exquisite dark  roast. A mocha and a chat with this man posing for photo the only fraction of a second where he wasn’t laughing very pleasant. 

_DSC0314-Running nrunningAnd when you aren’t running, you are thinking about running!!!

D-4-09 (30)MarkoSharp-50My ears are filled with music. From Miles, Coltrane to Iggy Pop and Lou the sound track to my life compiled by Marko. The Punk Rock Jukebox  Thursday 12-3pm

_DSC0327 Last light jet trail 2-15-15The other day just back from the market, Dr., Coffeehouse depends on which the other day this was. Urban Sunset just outside my door.

If you aren’t running you are at least thinking of running. Youth racing on to growing up running. When you finally can stop running to savor life the running is worth it. Now I ain’t running but I still think of it. The pace is so strange mostly I watch it go by till a pause in the speed and focus surrounds. 

enjoy pjc

Photographic Art  B+W last Light

Figures Reworked for Posting

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A couple of Torsos, Photographic Sculpture. As I continue to work digitally I have begun to speak the language. Found these two images that I was unhappy with the scans. Redid the density and contrast added sharpening. They are not perfect but much better. enjoy pjc


The rolling torso like dancing  without motion. The light moves over and

around motion implied to complete the dance.


Photographic Art

Doors Held Open by Friends

by Peter J. Crowley on February 10, 2015 · 4 comments


Morning in Olympia, no really daybreak I rarely see this maybe it is still time zones, bad sleep, pain? But today the sun has come up dancing through my window. Old roads in Willi I always saw the Sun Rise. Norwich the first 10 years up and out early for I only had North windows but the Coffee was hot and the company was invigorating creative from Kyrena’s to Merrihews both opened at 8 but the door was open to me when I arrived between 7 and 7:30 warm Portuguese rolls at Merrihews and by the second third cup of joe Kyrena was bringing me a small plate of the lunch special. Try this Peter yum it was always perfect. Does it need a little more … Maybe a touch. The Reverend Jim at Kyrena’ and Shannon, Jim played a starring roll throughout my travels and the changing Coffee shops forward to City Perk and Kokopeleis. Latitudes on weekends at first and Joanne enters along Michelle who I had photographed through the window of Kyrena’s with Berta and The Scribe serving coffee. Kokopeli’s my Grumpy cup from Amanda was always full. The Muse was blooming.

Jeff and Jennifer Bishop holding doors open for me even thought I was dead during the 2011 troubles. Jeff helping me into the digital age while keeping my focus solid in film. Jennifer a calm voice to answer insulin questions and be there laughing about growing up together before we met. Two reasons to love the internet. Rees from Flagstaff another pixel friend who has become a real life confident creative and highly into B+W

I sit and write remembering a yellow poster with a wooden stool on it my daughter had in her room when she was “3ie” “Sometimes I sit and think, sometimes I just sit.” The Muse will be here soon and my mind will be taken to wonderful realms of creativity. Many more friends have held doors for me Marko sending me music when I need now listening to Punk Rock Jukebox from 2011 dedicated to me while I was hospitalized.                                                       peace pjc

Photographic Art Silver Gelatin The Muse.