Light Color B+W Digital What Does Meter See?

by Peter J. Crowley on May 21, 2015 · 0 comments

_DSC0208 Ss30 LgtBud80 CnstBud+30NoFilt 5-21-15So on my almost daily walk to get cookies I come to my poppies, not mine really but a great subject when in bloom. I am shooting with my camera set to B+W with a RAW color file but it is Digital B+W I am focused on learning. I make a couple of exposures, but not liking the contrast my mind drifts to film.  Film I’d use a filter to pop the contrast.  This is without filter.

_DSC0213 Ss30 Cont+S+Ltg Buds Lgt50 Cnst+40 Red Filt 5-21-15I add a Red 25 filter meter and shoot. Image is way underexposed say 4 times or two stops. Check meter and am given the same reading. Open up two stops for the filter factor and get this image. Now I really wonder, it is my understanding that the digital sensor makes a mathematical calibration of light that is not seeing light as film does. Does the sensor not see the different colors? The affect of the filter is very similar to use with film the bright orange poppy is lightened while the green in background is darkened. Which is exactly what I wanted in this back light scene. Something to think about and experiment more with. Both images worked in PS but just to resize and burn dodge.                  enjoy pjc

Photographic Art Infrared Shewville Road Ledyard Ct

Digital B+W a Stroll in Tenino Wa.

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_DSC0119 S30 DRK 20 cnt +90 5-19-15May 19th a play day with Terry Liberty beautiful light in this old town and a great lunch at The Sandstone Cafe.

_DSC0125 S50 Drk20 Cnst+40 Spot Lt UpLf 5-19-15Terry looks for the next image while I abstract him in the window.

_DSC0142 S50 Drk20 Cnst+90 5-19-15Parallel Parking off the main st. Unseen visual adventures views in alleys and back streets life. Images made digitally film soon, pretty new to Digital B+W but beginning to get some I like but contrast is lacking till I take them into PS. Used to control contrast by film choice and filters now there is an app for that LOL.

enjoy pjc

Photographic Art High Key Figure


The Ballard of Easy Rider, The Byrds. As I sat by the Deschutes River Sunday listening to the river rush by carrying me to relaxation the Byrds song rolled through my mind.

_DSC0092 S30 lt shadows 25 Tumwater Falls Family Trail 5-17-15Thoughts on the river, 

Watching the river flow, so inspired by music my images are my songs “flow river flow let your waters wash down take me from this road”

Love written on the wall “To the Most Perfect Boy ever” scribed in chalk a lasting statement of love to be washed away by the next rain or in this case by park maintenance before she is finished.

_DSC0081 Ss30 Const+20 Drk+20 from RAW 5-17-15Love portraits in the sun, a pregnant women on the bridge, a couple holding a flag as they hug, small family groups. Yesterday I was a member of a small family group out with Kirsten and Inara.

_DSC0032 S15 K an I Lacey Fun Fair 5-16-15Love, today it is just me the sound of the river, I scratch my head and think of a time so many years ago my love told me that was a sign of stress. The 80’s when love came easy and left the same way. I listen to the river and wonder about love.

_DSC1030 S30 Drk10 Cnts 50 5-11-15Me I’ll watch the river flow and sing my songs of love and life. Flow River Flow, “Yes the river knows flow river flow on and on it goes…” [The Doors] Flow River Flow.   peace pjc

Photographic Art

Spring Rain Runoff Tumwater Falls

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Listening to the weather and observing there has been a real shortfall of rain in Western Wa. April 20th around 4 pm part of a five mile walk I came across this runoff at Tumwater Falls Park. The parks trails with the sound of the river rushing allows me to walk along and sing, no one can hear me unless the are standing beside me and by the time they get that close I stop.  enjoy pjc

_DSC0608 S30 Lt+35 Cnst-50 Gr-1 R+1_edited-1Digital image at 3200 ISO

Photographic Art

My Art Attack Image Show Opens May 15th

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_DSC0041 Ss40 R+B- Lt20 Cont20 1-21-15If every image you make is a self portrait and I have worked this way for a few years forty three or so then a little bit of me will be at The Art Attack Friday May 15 ArtSpace Willimantic. Stop by say hello maybe take a little of me home with you. Thanks Chad and Roxanne.   enjoy pjc

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