Smiles and Sun Greeted Folks at Artist’s in the Country

by Peter J. Crowley on September 30, 2014

Ann Chuk smiling here as she passes out raffle tickets winners. Her smile and the support of many volunteers has lit up the fields of a farm in E. Woodstock Ct. for 14 years, with all the proceeds going to
Camp Quinebaug in Killingly.

Ann Artists in the Country Smiling 9-28-14

This years show was dedicated to Arnold Prince who was always there teaching the children who have their own show in the barn. He would bring one of his sculptures made from bent pieces of wood here is an Eagle Arnold created.

Eagle Arnold Prince

Some of the Artists from this years show.
Artists in the Country ZZ 9--28-14

Zaliah Zalkind Stone ware.

Artists in the Country 9-28-14

Raymond J. Medeiros

There was music, poets food, and fun for all and of course there was the Country.

Tree E_E. Woodstck Ct 9-28-14 artists in the Country 040edited-1
peace and creativity to all pjc
Photographic Art

3rd Thurs. Images from 9-19-14

by Peter J. Crowley on September 27, 2014

Bonnie 9-19-14 3rd thurs.

Missed you at Lefty’s Landing for dinner I guess you got there early. enjoy

Susan and Judy 9-19-14 3rd thurs

Susan and Judy

Patty Tuite waiting to play with the Perculaters

Patty of Patty and the Percolators who Jeff sat in playing the Harp.

John Hall no smile 3rd Thurs.

John Hall no smile here but he often laughs and smiles a diverse man who collects Farmoil Tractors can fix a Nikon and is an excellent Ballroom Dancer a good friend. enjoy pjc

Watcher Being Watched from Layered Life

Third Thursday Willimantic Sept 19

by Peter J. Crowley on September 26, 2014

My last 3rd Thurs.My new digital lift begins in the dark on Main Street Willi. Starting here with Jeffrey J. Francois hamming on the Harp with one of Patty Tuite’s bands. Sorry Patty I didn’t remember you bands name.

Jeff Haming on the harp with Patty Tuite 3rdThurs_edited-2

So where’s Phil? I think I’ll check the beer garden. Here he is still day light.

Phil Blog images312

And sporting his new green hair is Ernie Eldridge. He doesn’t have green hair really but the vender behind him had bright green lights.
320 Ernie

More to come from my final Third Thursday and soon from Olympia wa. peace pjc

3rd Thursday 2012

Was it all just a dream? A Midsummer Nights Dream

by Peter J. Crowley on September 24, 2014

C-41, E-6, Silver Gelatin? a mid career dream 1995, Centennial Theater Festival Simsbury Ct. A motion and emotion Photographic Artist. The Willi years perhaps my most creative period, but that is hard to be sure of there are more dreams to come more periods. Pixels and interaction with I-Phonians. Put the camera on auto and become a tripod in the creative process! Artificial intelligence isn’t the same as as emotional cognitive thought. There is no artificial emotion just modes spray and pray. I too now shoot digital one frame at a time, no cropping little post process just my mind and the transformation of light into emotion. No I won’t be posting everything to the social network as soon as I shoot. Instant gratification-instantly lost. The art is in the print not the monitor. Haven’t been posting for a while so I thought I would start with a little of my philosophical rant. Major changes as my heath isn’t good and I am packing up 40+ years of images each created individually by me each has a story, each has a memory few will be deleted as I move 3000 miles west.
peace pjc

Midsummer Nights Dream Centennial Theater

Post production on a 4×6 from 1995 add scratches and static like a fine vinyl album played back without remastering.

Silver Gelatin my medium of 40 years

Summer wanes as I organise for a new Life.

by Peter J. Crowley on September 15, 2014

I used to be very organized, set in a schedule/routine despite working freelance. Now after comas and bad health I have trouble planning ahead to move to Wa. there is so much to do. So many people to say good bye to and as those who have met me know I am a bit verbose. Good bye isn’t an email or a text it is lunch and shared memories of past and future life’s. Happy, Sad and all the while learning a new digital camera, a new diet and my mind version two.

Sept 5 2014DSC_0098

Sept 14 2014 with Tom at Harkness Memorial Park Rain falling over Long Island Sound. Tom is a big help we go way back and he gets It.

Brazil Beach Towel Galilee RI DSC_0045

A last trip to Galilee RI with Carl and Maarit Aug. 28 04, memories of Arnold and many trips before. Summer wanes but memories stay enhanced by the mind selective though pattern seek the highlight. peace pjc

More Summers past!