Travels, Images, Friends, Art B+W Silver Gelatin.

by Peter J. Crowley on March 28, 2015 · 2 comments

_DSC0066 S30 Crop Rainier 3-26-15

A visit with Rees, a trip towards Rainier. Silver Gelatin negatives made soon to be scans. A rebirth creating with a 1967 Nikon like the first camera I owned as a first year student at Paier 1971 the feel is the same home comfort creativity. All the new cameras composites Plastic, light convenient, Plastic. Eight, nine pounds of brass and glass forty four years later it is the same, it is right 21 or 65 this is me.

_DSC0051 S30 +R3+G2-B3 B+WNot Silver Gel. it will take a few days to have scanned. Patience for the creative process but there is the instant gratification image.

_DSC0080 S30BriContDirections to Oly 3-26-15Good folks who gave us directions back. No signs for Olympia 30 miles away in Yelm. Well it is only the state capitol.

_DSC0062 S30 Before Seinfeld 3-25-15After a long couple days of travel a nap before Seinfeld.

enjoy pjc

Photographic Art




Moments, Brief Stories the Last Two Weeks

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DSC_0350 S50 6am Self Port Worlds Collide 3-15-15Dawn not quite 6:15 am sleep escapes me. Up briefly online a self portrait, worlds collide. Pixels and Silver Halides 1967 Nikon FTN no upgrade. PJC 1950 no upgrade.

DSC_0397 S50 Atten Target shoppers 3-22-15But when in doubt shop. A Ray of Light leads the way. Frozen, Lighting McQueen  Socks.

DSC_0388 Costco Shopper 3-22-15Atten. Costco Shoppers time for a break.

DSC_0402 S50 After Shopping 3-22-15

Shopping done time to nap.

enjoy pjc

Photographic Art






Silver Gelatin Figure Studies

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Figures from 2005 first on warm tone paper. Second a mirror image?    enjoy pjc



Photographic Art  High Key

They’re Bombing Today

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Olympia Peace Tranquility, Beauty

_DSC0247 Dog Statue With Flowers S30 3-10-15

Olympia Middle America, a refuge for a shattered soul, a safe cocoon for us wrapped in freedom quietly going through life’s daily chores, work.  As I walk to the bus this morning I can hear the rumbles of War. The base 5-8 miles away they are playing/practicing War. It scares me! Then I think 5-8 miles away practice. But  in the Mideast my walk would be consumed by fear 5-8 miles could be my home soon. To live with that reality!

_DSC0001 Sneakers on wires S30 3-1-15

But they are Bombing today.

Today I am safe practice doesn’t affect me . We the people ignore, shut out, forget. But they are bombing today.

My journal more a diary of late keeping track. No essays, poetry, politics. But they are bombing today.

Like the rest of the people politics opinions hidden except for a “like or Share” on Face Book. Petitions, polls, surveys briefly comment 140 characters or less. Then on to a joke. Hiding from reality. What would Tom Paine Do?

DSC_0133 Toys in the Yard S30 10-23-14

But they are Bombing today.

Photographic Art

Saturday Afternoon Yellow Clouds Rising at the Moon

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Title from “Won’t you try, Saturday Afternoon.” Jefferson Airplane Who knows the next line? Written by Paul Kantner from a wonderful Album “After Bathing at Baxters.”

_DSC0138 2-28-15 Window Burial Grounds S30Window reflections, Light, Coffee, last Sat February 28th at Burial Grounds for a LB of Dark Knight great rich coffee. I found inspiration in the window and 

_DSC0139 Burial Grounds 2-28-15 MultiTaskCurls S50sun splashed red curls multi tasking in the front window inspiring.

Some posts are fine art some just day to day documents of life my life. But hey isn’t life Art? Mine is enjoy my work here as my friend Andrea Hupke de Palacio refers to my site as strolling through my visual garden.                                     enjoy pjc

Photographic Art    More Coffee in Willimantic Ct. traveing old roads.