Olympia Murals

by Peter J. Crowley on December 18, 2014

The color of Olympia is everywhere many walls are canvas’s. On the 12th of December I met my daughter for lunch there were nine or more murals in a one and a half block area.

DSC_0194 Love Olympia 11-12-14 November 12th I love Olympia late afternoon.

_DSC0068 Mural 12-16-14
December 16th Keep on Printing!

_DSC0103 Ally Mural off Capital Way 12-16-14
December 16th an ally just off Capital Way the ally was narrow so I had to shoot vertically cutting off some of the detail maybe even the artists name. But the works center and it height was how I determined how to expose. I need a wider lens, much wider.

_DSC0402 Indian Rest Wall Detail 12-7-14
Great Cuisine of India wall. December 7th

_DSC0405 Indian Rest Detail 2 12-7-14
Detail on wall outside of Great Cuisine of India December 7th
These are a few of the many Murals some complete images some are just details of larger work. I will need a very early morning to shoot the entire wall at Great Cuisine of India without cars in the lot. Maybe when the warm rain season comes. That’s spring for you Easterners. peace pjc

More details to come credits to The Artists maybe stories of the murals creators.

Photographic Art B+W Silver Gelatin Fine Art Figure

4th Ave Olympia A Smoke Outside Narai

by Peter J. Crowley on December 13, 2014

176 A smoke outside Indian Restaraunt

I have read many posts/discussions on Peter Lik’s $6.5 million photo Phantom. This one from the Guardian columnist Jonathon Jones Jonathon is not much of a fan of Photographic Art but is well read as of this post there are 1922 comments {comments not visible without creating account]. My work I feel is sometimes Photographic Art and sometimes Documentary with compassion some may consider it Fine Art. You decide I see it as visual words telling a part of a story made by a passionate observer. peace pjc

177 White Rice for  Lunch

On this day after running errands I met my Daughter and Granddaughter and they were hungry. We went to Narai on 4th ave. My granddaughters idea. White rice she said which meant Basmati Thai food. It is all so simple for a child. enjoy pjc we did.

Photographic Art

Foggy Sunday Morning Port of Olympia

by Peter J. Crowley on December 12, 2014

DSC_0377 12-7 Foggy Morning Oympia Port2

A moody morning as the fog burns off and for the second day in a row no rain!
peace pjc

Photographic Art

Sunday Stroll Looking into Abstract Environment

by Peter J. Crowley on December 10, 2014

She floats there in a world I created a moment in space from my mind.

I love working with abstract/reality seeing more than the surface exploring the layers. The women in the image said okay when I asked if I could shoot her I went in and left her with a card. I do hope she sees her image and contacts me for a free print.
peace pjc

Photographic Art

People on the Bus

by Peter J. Crowley on December 8, 2014

Multitasking Mom

DSC_0326 Multi Tasking mom

Grocery shopping, texting, eye on sleeping child and talking to me very cool. I have trouble walking and chewing gum. I’m impressed. enjoy pjc

Photographic Art