When does an Image Become Photographic Art Art

by Peter J. Crowley on November 24, 2014


Dusk at The Artist Enclave in East Haddam Ct. A storm is coming. B + W silver gelatin print.


Low Key Figure silver gelatin print on warm tone paper.


When you have finished manipulation? Do you ever finish manipulation when is the piece finished? When is it Art?


Manipulation isn’t new this image is a study of a pregnant women. Shot on 35mm film at ISO 1600 to gain more grain and texture. It was then printed onto a sheet of 4×5 film giving me a positive image, then contact printed on to a 4×5 sheet of litho film [high contrast film used in the printing industry]this film sees just Black and White and adds more texture and grain. Many steps that I decided on while shooting the original negative in very contrasty studio light. When did it become Photographic Art?

What are your thoughts? When Does an image become Art? peace pjc

Photographic Art

Self Portait on a Sunny Day

by Peter J. Crowley on November 21, 2014


The sun does shine in WA. A walk on one such day early Nov walking back from the market.

Photographic Art

Three Artists after Dinner

by Peter J. Crowley on November 16, 2014


One of my last nights in CT. Mark and I joined Sonny for some of his Rawsome Sushi his food is an Art form, he is a bit quiet though. Peace pjc

Ally Olympia Murals and Halloween Window Displays

by Peter J. Crowley on November 14, 2014

Image copy write Peter J. Crowley.

The walls of Olympia are canvases, windows designs create art abounds. I am slowly settling in and learning new program to up load photos even more slowly. Shooting more so I will work on learning the update of my photo processing program. Change I don’t like change. I know in today’s world change is daily but I wonder if I am happy with something why are upgrades forced upon me? I understand the program am happy with how it works why do I have to spend days learning how to use the program. I am not computer literate so when I get to a point where I can show my work I am happy. Today’s image is not through the program it is a short cut [three extra steps] by me so I can show something for my new world. 3000 miles and the paper work to move my insurance, get a new Dr. move my Social /security god the paperwork! Ankle deep in bureaucrat speak a language I don’t speak! Hello world from the Great Northwest. Peace pjc

So long New England with Love

by Peter J. Crowley on October 21, 2014

When this is published I will be in the air on my way to Olympia Wa. A new and wonderful life awaits me. Many new adventures more pixel images with the hope of finding a lab that does quality work like RJ Phil 25 Main St E. Hampton Ct. Custom work, no 4x6s or other snapshots, but Art to copy, Fine art Prints he and Charlotte are the best. This image of me is a contact print taken with a 8×10 view Camera. This is photography the kind that Edward Weston and Ansel Adams did an 8 inch by 10 inch negative EXQUISITE not up graded just good glass and the knowledge of how to use it, don’t look for the auto button or any modes thought and talent made this portrait of me. peace pjc

Peter by RJ

You paint sculpt or collect and want excellent reproductions. check out RJ Phil

Photographic Art Hand Colored by Kathy Lepak peace pjc