Reflections that Look

_DSC0290 Ss Cnt+30 Lt+10 Lampshade 5-28-15That questioning look, I’ve seen it throughout my life. Parents, educators, friends, my daughter and now my my granddaughter. Sometimes the look is what were you thinking or you shouldn’t have done that. Are you crazy, or silly grandpa. Pity a dream you followed perhaps it was a mistake. The face in the lampshade a knowing sadness, compassion but no answer. I see that face too often. What comes next? Is the road less traveled a dead end?                                                    peace pjc

Photographic Art

The Frog, The Circus and Oliver

Three and the world is imagination, magical in the life of a young frog. June second arriving at the Lacey Library. There are more frog books to add to the 64 she has read.
_DSC0340 S30 crop Froggie enterance 6-2-15On the way to Sparkleberrys Back Yard Circus time to stop at The Lacey Library to check out “City Dog and Country Frog”

_DSC0354 Ss15 Froggie getting Books at Lib 6-2-15Time at age three is not really understood or necessary. It is either now or last year. So last year, April 7th we took her to one of her favorite places. The CapitalDome one word announced every time we drive by or if a photo of the Capital is seen anywhere we go it is “Capitaldome.” She has wanted to go visit and explore for close to the last year. Spring break and mommy and I go there with her. We both wonder how long she will like it, but after 2/3s of the second time we took the tour and 40 minutes of wandering and questions. Well she loved it, the man giving the tour said to the group that the last stop was to see photographs of the construction of the Capital. No one wanted to see that except The Little Excavator more questions more knowledge absorbed.

_DSC0349 Me and My Capitoldome S50 4-7-15

_DSC0381 S30 Circus parade 6-2-15The Circus Parade, did anyone not know that she would be a Frog at the Circus

_DSC0061 Ss15 Quick Snack 5-16-15_edited-1Lacey Family Fun Day, cotton candy, pony rides, a train around the grounds and a very large ear of corn which disappeared quickly.

A recent Sat. visit at my apt a fly flies by “Grandpa a fly” well Inara that is not any old fly that is Oliver he stopped by to visit. That look grandpa you’re silly. Oliver goes somewhere out of sight. “Wheres Oliver?” you know flies they find a spot and rest they are hard to find. Twinkling eyes wander around “Oliver, Oliver, where are you Oliver?” Oliver is now real a friendly visitor at grandpas. We play some more and Oliver reappears and disappears a number of times. Mommy will be here in a half hour  to pick us up and the adventure will continue. But wait “Grandpa lets walk up to the restaurant [market where they have Starbucks and cookies] and go on the CityBus. Mommy will be here soon. “We’ll take the CityBus and meet her.” So shoes back on train picked up we head out I lock the door, she turns and says open the door grandpa. I do she sticks her head inside “see you later Oliver.” Just magic the adventure continues.    peace pjc

Photographic Art  First Saturday Adventure