Deco Doors Abstract

by Peter J. Crowley on January 24, 2015 · 0 comments

Downtown Layered Life, Art Deco, Things I Love peace pjc

_DSC0077 12-16-14 Deco Door Reflection Olympia

Doors opened or closed, in or out, life’s that pass through a moment in time a short story you compose, Doors. enjoy pjc

Photographic Art

King Solomons Reef Wall Art

by Peter J. Crowley on January 21, 2015 · 2 comments

A couple strolls on different days, a door one of my favorite subjects. Inside you find good diverse food from local venders. King Solomons lunch one day with Wall Art Reliefs of Chickens depicting employees very fun. Chickens created by Ira Coyne enjoy pjc

_DSC0437 Kig Solomons Cafe Back 3

Not an entry to the Best Diner in the Galaxy.

_DSC0082 Katie King Soloman + Chicken Charactor

The Tech info on the B+W Door opened in RAW color information removed with saturation levels, opened in PhotoShop Elements 10 converted to B+W IR add just a touch of 5% warming filter 85 too take out the blue. Last night I went to Olympia Camera Club meeting and learned a great deal from some good folks. Thanks to Terry Liberty for picking me up. More to come. Thoughts comments encouraged. peace pjc

Photographic Art

Back in Norwich August 2014

by Peter J. Crowley on January 18, 2015 · 4 comments

The first week of images made with Nikon Digital. enjoy pjc

DSC_0015 Taffville Mill 8-23-14

Taffville Mill 8/24/14 B+W in camera. Taken before I was advised to shoot RAW and convert. I have applied some of the conversion skills I have since learned. Slight warming filter added.

DSC_0016 Taffville Roadsigns 8-23-14

Old roads I traveled often. “The Road Goes on Forever and The Party Never Ends” Robert Earl Keen. This in my opinion is still a little blue.

DSC_0025 Haying RT 32 8-24-14

Farm on Route 32 haying in progress and me in the process of post process. Trying different forms of sharpening, convert to B+W infrared. enjoy pjc

Photographic Art

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Nature Adds its Own Mural to Olympia Downtown

by Peter J. Crowley on January 15, 2015 · 9 comments

_DSC0052 Sunlight Mural 1-14-15

January Fifteenth 50 degrees and strolling downtown. Blue sky, I like this very much perhaps I will get my lifelong Birthday wish 70 degrees? I’ll be happy with no rain and 50s, I do miss NE but not so much on this Wednesday.

_DSC0055 Dandelion 1-14-15 4th Ave

Add a delightful face to my stroll and the day is near perfect. The walk takes me to The Fish Tale Brew Pub for a late lunch/snack of Smoked Salmon and assorted fruits and veggies Excellent!!! enjoy pjc

Photographic Art Between Here and There.

Evening Colors Light the Way Downtown

by Peter J. Crowley on January 12, 2015 · 2 comments

Olympia this past Sunday evening or any night is alive with color. Tree decorations, neon, windows become art and colorful people greet you as you enter their boutiques. A light of live breaks the evening from a gray winter. peace pjc

_DSC0014 Sunday Evening Lights 1-11-25

In the upper corner of the image is the building overhang protecting strollers from rain many of the downtown businesses are build this way. Five feet away it may be pouring but the people are dry allowing the rain to add another layer of reflection to the evening lights.

Photographic Art Rain on the window from a past life Willi the old site.