Daddy Got Some “Eye Candy” and Gave Me Some.

Well that’s what she said as we walked to the car after arts walk. My daughter, me and the woman 20 feet ahead laughing uncontrollably. Where does she get this? Pre school and telling  jokes new to her but our laughter encourages we continue to the car a pleased smile across her face. At Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge on Sept 26th we stroll into the Insects Extravaganza first stop the Honey Bee Booth. She greets the woman at the booth and launches into her stand up routine, “What’s the biggest Ant in the world? pause “the elephant.” Ta Dum she had tried the joke on us and feeling the response was good she took it on the road.

But not all fun there is science to learn over to the life cycle of a Salmon she wants this explained.

DSC_0042 Ss15 Lgt R-4 LgtShirt25 Nisqually 9-26-15Art and Salmon, Mom look a Glitter blue eye, it’s a real fish. Mom I’m eating vegetarian today.

DSC_0033 S30 R-2 Glitter Eye 9-26-15

A teacher from The South Sound Estuary remembered Inara from December and took her over to the rail on the deck. There behind the sign was a Red-Eye Tree Frog she pulls me in for a close look, then a gentle touch and the frog hops away. She glows and “Ribit’s”  a thank you. In her frog life she is a Red-Eye Tree Frog which I am sure she told the teacher in Dec. and I think the teacher remembered. 

There was a a parade, she was a parrot, a story inside an inflatable fish and some real food hidden under the jelly.

DSC_0063 Ss15 LgtSwet40 Nisqually Jelly 9-26-15Eat the bread too see it, under the jelly.

DSC_0002 Eye CandyA couple of adventures spliced together as notes and memory merge. At three it is moments not as much as days, smiles, learning and licking up the jelly of life. With an eye candy chaser.

Photographic Art Nature a short walk away to sit on a bank of sand and watch the river flow.

Communication in a word or at least a contraction.

DSC_0039 Ss15 LgtSwea+30 Cnst-20 The Texter 9-21-15

The Text Message

Keep that damn sun of my screen. Wa. State Fair. Colors, sound, games, food, PEOPLE. Texting, talking at not talking to. So many ways to communicate so little said, over and over. Had a dial phone as a kid till the early 2001 worked great talked socialized communicated thoughts emotion values. Mid 90’s the WWW and emails often thought out researched avenue for creative thought. Forums people of a like mind discussing ideas, emotions, Art. I used to communicate by email lots. A month or so ago a friend emailed me some news from back in Willi with a comment that she thought she might have to join FB to reach me. But my email still works my messages always longer than the response. Social nitwitting where shallow is taken to a new level. “The Like Button” where you can comment without a thought. How convenient.  Today I read that the “Like Button” is being upgraded now you can ad a pixel-ed  emotion to your Like how very sweet. with an artist friend yesterday 5 interchanges friends replies total 25 characters including the exclamation point. I’m old but I still hope that communicating is more involved then to just figure out how few letters it takes to say nothing.  I think the image says how I feel about texting. At this point please click the like button at the top of the page.                  enjoy pjc

Photographic Art    Significance a Poem


After Arts Walk Friday Oct 2nd 2015

DSC_0145 Jpg S15 B+2 R-3 G-5 Cnst-120 Lgt170 10-2-15 - Copy

After Arts Walk.

Heading home after Arts Walk Friday evening. I saw this image stopped shot one image ISO 800, F7.1, 1/30 sec. for those of you who like tech.                                 enjoy pjc

Photographic Art