Serenity Cafemantic-5-11-12-IMG_0194 (2)May 2012 Cafemantic Serenity

_DSC0017 PS1-1-30-15 MorganJanuary 2015 Olympia  Morgan

42d00befb01b2My studio Norwich Ct. July 2005 Leila

The roll of the photographer is that of a voyeur, never reaching his subject’s soul, But for brief instances when the subject’s heart is offered, only to be interpreted and re-created with a cross breeding of the image makers own soul.

January 22, 2001 © Peter J. Crowley

enjoy pjc

Photographic Art

1-15-16,15, B+W film born again!

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The virtual life I find more and more annoying, first people don’t get sarcasm. Without tone of voice and eye contact  folks start jumping in being insulted and miss the point. With every sarcastic remark there is a nugget of truth, perhaps that is the problem folks automatically take remarks personally like I am taking to you. Usually I am not, usually I am. Put your mind on program and let your camera create. There is a rant perking yet it may not be completely cooked yet, more thoughts on rolls, identity, tech, emotion, creativity, art, etc my favorite and least favorite things. Impressions of humanity and the anti social networks. Stay tuned……………………………

negative16-as scanned S40 kentmere 400 Port 3-26-15

March 26th warm upper 60’s at the Port of Olympia FILM!


negative15-edited S40 LightPants Layered Rees 3-26-15Layered Life with my Friend Rees at the Port of Olympia. Rees encouraged me to get back to film. Between him and Jeff I was brought back to my soul etched in the negative. Image made with 1967 Nikon F 105mm F2.5 lens.

enjoy pjc

Photographic Art  Portraits

Focus, Dreams, Distractions, Past Lifes

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_DSC0145 S30 Red Leafs stroll 3-27-15March 27th a stroll, still testing focus. Camera auto or manual or just in my mind. Focus escapes me. Digital auto here close in seems good.

_DSC0090 S50 Students Walking Home 3-27-15Walking home from school, a brief chat, cameras and class one of them took. Diggie D-3100 Nikon. Focus F 2.5 105 mm manual one of the sharpest lens Nikon has made. But not here, not on “Auto” the camera works well when using auto lens but unless you have 20-20 vision the D-3100 diopter only goes to +.5 my eyes want +2. Ten feet away and they are not quite sharp. Focus! Stress! Distraction over to B+H diopters available for D-3100 models that don’t have built in Diopter, mine has built in diopter. Damn! Focus coffee and phone calls.

_DSC0114 PS30-B+R Two Tulips 3-27-15This Tulip shot with Auto Focus Nikon 28mm-105 macro Zoom. But in the interest of selling more product and upgrades this older Nikon lens doesn’t talk to the D-3100 so the Auto Focus doesn’t work. Manual focus on an auto lens has a small turn radius and with the wrong diopter well focus escapes me and the D-3100. I remember when Nikon was about great images not more plastic product to push. Hell you can fix it later in PS. Let Artificial Intelligence do the creating for you. Focus! Stress! It ain’t me babe.

_DSC0089 S30 Quince St Students 3-27-15  More students more 105 not quite sharp but with Modern Emotion/creativity free software well it is Goodnuff. The new American standard GOODNUFF!  I have a lot of trouble with good enough. But I am not comfortable with my smartphone making my life decisions. Wait wait I don’t have a smart phone. The idea of making ones own choices is a subversive idea, guess I won’t be on a reality TV show.

_DSC0190 S30 Excavator Elation 3-28-15Even my excavator operator isn’t sharp but that could be how fast she moves or the different focus modes. More tests to do another stroll downtown, new bus pass lunch more coffee. Focus! Stress! Relief is spelled Nikon F 1967 B+W film. enjoy pjc

Photographic Art  B+W Chicago Union Station 1/4sec F-8 28mm lens 1998 first Amtrak cross country adventure.



Travels, Images, Friends, Art B+W Silver Gelatin.

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_DSC0066 S30 Crop Rainier 3-26-15

A visit with Rees, a trip towards Rainier. Silver Gelatin negatives made soon to be scans. A rebirth creating with a 1967 Nikon like the first camera I owned as a first year student at Paier 1971 the feel is the same home comfort creativity. All the new cameras composites Plastic, light convenient, Plastic. Eight, nine pounds of brass and glass forty four years later it is the same, it is right 21 or 65 this is me.

_DSC0051 S30 +R3+G2-B3 B+WNot Silver Gel. it will take a few days to have scanned. Patience for the creative process but there is the instant gratification image.

_DSC0080 S30BriContDirections to Oly 3-26-15Good folks who gave us directions back. No signs for Olympia 30 miles away in Yelm. Well it is only the state capitol.

_DSC0062 S30 Before Seinfeld 3-25-15After a long couple days of travel a nap before Seinfeld.

enjoy pjc

Photographic Art




Moments, Brief Stories the Last Two Weeks

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DSC_0350 S50 6am Self Port Worlds Collide 3-15-15Dawn not quite 6:15 am sleep escapes me. Up briefly online a self portrait, worlds collide. Pixels and Silver Halides 1967 Nikon FTN no upgrade. PJC 1950 no upgrade.

DSC_0397 S50 Atten Target shoppers 3-22-15But when in doubt shop. A Ray of Light leads the way. Frozen, Lighting McQueen  Socks.

DSC_0388 Costco Shopper 3-22-15Atten. Costco Shoppers time for a break.

DSC_0402 S50 After Shopping 3-22-15

Shopping done time to nap.

enjoy pjc

Photographic Art