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DSC_0550 CnvtPort B-3 Cnst-50 Lgt25 PJC 7-7-15Western Wa. Beachwear

DSC_0459 CnvtSs30 LgtShad40 Cnst-100 Lgt15 Make-up 7-7-15_edited-2Job Interview Prep

DSC_0484 Ss30 B+2 Kites Ocean shores 7-7-15Kites Ocean shores July 7th
Well the day dawned in the upper 50’s with the forecast high low 60’s I wasn’t going to be cold or burn so I went in a long sleeve tee a work shirt and my vest. It reached the low 70’s but with the breeze I was perfect. An eventful trip as we bounced along at 50 mph round curves I noticed this women doing eye make up I was amazed. There was a warning noise and a check engine light. We pulled over as the driver contacted dispatch. I went to speak with her and show her my images. On her way to a job interview and her phone not working I gave her my phone to call her appt. On the way back she took the same bus telling us she had gotten the job. Kites, kids playing, horses cars on the beach even a swimmer or two just a normal day at the beach.  

DSC_0516 B+4 Cnst+80 Drk+35 Ocean Shores 7-7-15My Message to the surf and you.

peace pjc

Looking out over the water there is a line of haze from the Canadian forest fires.

Photographic Art    Choice from 2009 post originally a column for Nikonians in 2004 the wonderful Modern Maendy my muse for this post.

The Bus, The Beach, New Galleries. July 7th

Old Roads

Old roads rolling back
the fifties, sixties
old houses worn with time
the past peeling
rusted roofs, broken fences,
little cottages persevere
spinning tales
sometimes a whisper
sometimes a scream
treading water
another season
another life
© Peter J. Crowley

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DSC_0540 Cnvt B-4 Ss30 Cnst-50 7-7-15_edited-1

DSC_0489 CnvNP Ss30 Drk20 Cnst+45 7-7-15_edited-1Ocean Shores

peace pjc

Photographic Art

Reflections that Look

_DSC0290 Ss Cnt+30 Lt+10 Lampshade 5-28-15That questioning look, I’ve seen it throughout my life. Parents, educators, friends, my daughter and now my my granddaughter. Sometimes the look is what were you thinking or you shouldn’t have done that. Are you crazy, or silly grandpa. Pity a dream you followed perhaps it was a mistake. The face in the lampshade a knowing sadness, compassion but no answer. I see that face too often. What comes next? Is the road less traveled a dead end?                                                    peace pjc

Photographic Art